30 day challenge – Sept 2014

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The Next Challenge is here SEPT 2014!!!

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“I am happy to say that because of SCBS, I have several exciting projects in the works this January… Thanks to SCBS, I have been using this tool to help me shift my fear into empowerment. It is incredibly freeing to feel this, when before SCBS, I was quite bound up with invisible, yet very real to me, shackles that kept me from being my best self.” – Janice K. B., Houston

“This month of scbs challenge and share has flown by! I have learned more about myself and my unhealthy habits/tendencies this year than ever before and scbs could not have come at a better time to wrap up a year and set a tone looking forward. It brought clarity to area’s of grey and as I had posted a couple of weeks ago, I feel like scbs is like a blanket thats interwoven through me 24/7. I am setting a target to continue to practice this useful, sweet tool DAILY moving forward into 2014.” – Tobey B., Vancouver

“SCBS had a huge impact on my holidays this year. For as many years as I’ve been traveling home for the holidays (12+), I’d arrive exhausted, usually sick and in a “feel sorry for me, I work so much and I’m so tired” sort of mood. This year, I left for the holidays in a completely different state of mind. I was rested, relaxed and able to focus on everyone else. I was able to find humor in the insanity of it all. It had a profound impact on not only my holiday, but everyone else’s as well. Instead of a week at home feeling like a chore, it felt like a gift. Thank you for this.” – Megh K., Kansas City

That’s what’s possible when you commit to living the smallchangeBIGshift process in your everyday life.

How do we know? It happened to us, and the initial groups we shared it with. Those are real results that real people like you experienced. (Head on over to the share tab to read more about those results.) This isn’t us changing your life, it’s you relaxing into your stress so you can figure out how to change it.

Take the 30 Day Challenge:

Make a daily shift, and share it.

Yes, it’s that simple.

If you want to move away from being consumed by stress and towards feeling more powerful and at peace, you have to take action. Sure, you can just read our shifts and get inspired… but that’s like sitting on the sidelines. The real tangible changes happen when you get in the game by taking this concept and putting it into motion in your own life. That’s when these small mindset changes turn into big shifts in your world. That’s when you get results. That’s when your life starts to transform.

When you commit to this for 30 days, you will get results. Because EVERY single day you participate you are realigning your focus, your thoughts, and your energy with what you want. That helps to get you what you want faster. You become a manifestation maven (miracle checks show up in the mail, you lose weight with less effort, that date you’ve been waiting for asks you out in line at Starbucks… for real).

smallchangeBIGshift September Challenge


Take the Challenge!

Join us for the month of March in making daily shifts, so you can have stress on your side. This isn’t another thing to add to your schedule, or another to-do. It’s something to help you when things are busy, overwhelming, and exhausting. It is the solution to stressful times.

      1. Sign up now, and make a commitment: one daily shift and share.
      2. You’ll receive updates and celebrations once a week during the challenge.  We aren’t going to blow up your inbox with daily emails, but we will be sure to give you what you need to succeed each week and feel at the top of your game all month long.
      3. Gain access to our private Facebook group for safe and supportive sharing only with other challenge participants. Be inspired by others’ shifts, and share your own.
      4. Make your own rules… you choose when to shift, you choose how to share. This means no pressure, just lots of opportunity. Use #smallchangeBIGshift for any posts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
      5. Grab an accountability partner. Your level of success and fun goes way up when you do this with a buddy. Invite a friend or lover to join you, or head onto the Facebook group and find one there.

We hope you will join us, and enjoy the happiest, most fulfilling, and productive Spring time you’ve ever had.


I’m not clear on what smallchangeBIGshift is, can you explain?

Sure! That’s why we created the smallchangeBIGshift video (check it out now). It breaks down the 3 step process. We’ll also send out reminders and tips on how this all works in the welcome email when you sign up. On top of that, you can always reach out to us with other questions, requests, or ideas.


This sounds great guys, but I’m already too stressed about everything I have to do. How do you expect me to add one more thing?

smallchangeBIGshift is a tool to help you navigate through all of those things you have to do. The process is simple enough it can be used in any moment, especially when you’re overloaded and stressed.


I’m totally digging smallchangeBIGshift, but the idea of sharing publicly on Facebook makes me feel really vulnerable. Do I have to share that way?

Nope. Again, you make the rules here. Share in a way that you feel comfortable: with your spouse, best friends, or family. We just encourage public sharing within the group, because we know how powerful it is sharing shifts, it creates deep connection and mega inspiration.


What if I skip a day? Does that screw it all up?

Definitely not. You will not be penalized, criticized, or guilt tripped for missing a day. We’re here to support you and help you feel less stressed, not more. Simply pick back up the next day and get back in the momentum.


What if I’m struggling in the moment, and can’t make a shift?

That’s why we’re here. We can help you if you don’t have it down quite yet. You can post on the Facebook group to receive support there, or reach out to us directly for a little one-on-one love.

Take the Challenge!

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